Unfortunately, we still don’t know which country has handled the Corona pandemic the best.  However, that doesn’t stop us from speculating and having an opinion, and my blogs are ALL about our opinions.  So, which country do you think handled the virus pandemic the best?  And where are you from? I’m interested to see if anyone believes it was their own country that tackled the COVID-19 pandemic most effectively.  To help us speculate who handled the COVID pandemic well (and who didn’t), here’s some information about the various countries and how they reacted to, prepared for and fought coronavirus.  


Reacting to the Corona pandemic

According to Time.com, the best global responses to the pandemic were early and aggressive. Taiwan, for example, quickly closed borders and banned exports of face masks, using contract tracing and sim tracking to ensure people in quarantine were following the rules. Businesses were kept open but with strict rules, like temperature taking and hand sanitising before entering shops. Singapore also took an aggressive approach to contract-tracing, as well as widespread testing and building temporary beds for coronavirus patients. South Korea also focused on testing and were producing thousands of tests a day, even though the country only had hundreds of cases. New Zealand quickly shut its borders and instituted a level 4 lockdown.  The government sent out emergency text messages to explain to the public what they were expected to do and the Prime Minister did Facebook Live videos.

In direct contrast, Italy were slow to respond to the Corona pandemic, costing lives. According to the conversation, Italy served as a warning to others about reacting slowly to the corona pandemic.  The UK is another poor example, according to this site anyway.  Here, the government response is described as a “series of missteps”, evasive and in pursuit of a controversial “herd immunity” strategy.  America, on the other hand, took complacency to a whole new level. Not only were they slow in testing and lacking in PPE production and supply, they also overhyped treatments.


Being prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic

There’s actually a lot of really interesting information about this. In October 2019 (before the COVID-19 pandemic began) the Global Health Security Index was released.  This chart analysed the security of the countries around the world, looking at 6 sections, one section being the preparedness of countries in the event of a virus pandemic.  Each country was awarded a score between 0 and 100. According to this, the US, UK and the Netherlands were the best prepared.  Seriously… I couldn’t make this s**t up!  Check out the table lovingly provided by statista:

Corona pandemic / coronavirus pandemic	 virus pandemic / pandemic	 covid-19 pandemic / covid19 pandemic	 coronavirus / corona	 covid pandemic pandemic / pandemic

Now, I know nothing, BUT it didn’t look like the UK or the US were the most prepared when the COVID-19 pandemic actually hit. In fact, if you look at the article from Prevent Epidemics, these countries didn’t rank very highly at all, and they were slow to react, as you can see from this graph:

Corona pandemic / coronavirus pandemic	 virus pandemic / pandemic	 covid-19 pandemic / covid19 pandemic	 coronavirus / corona	 covid pandemic pandemic / pandemic 


Fighting the virus pandemic

It’s impossible to know who has handled the pandemic the best, what do you look at? Death toll is the obvious choice, but then countries are reporting deaths so differently that even this is difficult.  And it’s not just about death rate, but about testing and vaccines and test rate.  However, I did find an interesting COVID resilience ranking graph from Bloomberg, which appears to be updated regularly. Last revised on the 21 December 2020, this graph also shows you how the countries have changed in their position in the graph… the US dropped down 19 countries in one month! This graph showed the top five ranking countries as:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Taiwan
  3. Australia
  4. Norway
  5. Singapore

With the US showing in 37th place, the UK in 30th place and the Netherlands appearing 19th… not what we expected from the Global Health Security Index.



New lockdowns to fight the COVID pandemic

Perhaps it’s too early to say who has handled the COVID pandemic the best, given that we still aren’t over it. After all, in the UK we have just gone into our third lock-down, and this one is another full lock-down.  Schools are closed, all non-essential businesses are shut, and because of the new variants of the virus found, pretty much all travel is suspended.  And the UK isn’t the only country re-implementing lock-down. France closed their businesses, people were only allowed to leave home to buy essential goods, for medical reasons, or for one hour exercise a day. Germany imposed a partial lock-down in November, with bars and restaurants, gyms and cinemas, etc. closing, and Belgium also imposed a partial lock-down. While Italy placed restrictions on businesses, such as bars and restaurants closing by 6pm. Are these new lock-downs a sign that these countries actually didn’t handle the pandemic very well to begin with, hence why they’re still struggling?  Or is it the opposite?  Are these countries handling the pandemic better by protecting their people more? 


How do you feel your country was prepared for coronavirus?

So, you’ve seen some facts and information… and my guess is you’re still just as stumped as to which country has handled the coronavirus pandemic the best. Sorry about that, kinda haven’t clarified anything have I?

But, from what you’ve seen and what you’ve experienced, what do you think? How did your country handle the virus pandemic?  And which country do you think has been the most effective in tackling coronavirus?


Take care, x


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