When I heard about Coronavirus in January 2020, I immediately had the story idea for “Unprecedented Times”.  By February I had begun my planning and research and at the end of March, I was finally ready to begin writing my story, which I released on the 12th of October, of the same year.  However, I didn’t just write this novel because I had a story idea I wanted to share, it was also because I had ideas and thoughts to convey and aims to achieve.


Fundraising through Unprecedented Times

Of course, my main aim of my novel “Unprecedented Times” was to produce a story people would enjoy reading. Something they found interesting and intriguing, yet relatable. But this wasn’t my only aim.

My secondary aim was to raise money for charity. You see, I wanted to help more during the pandemic, but it was difficult for me. Being a high-risk person, with two life-long and incurable diseases, I was trying to ‘shield’ wherever possible. On top of this, I was looking after my three beautiful yet messy and crazy children, one of whom is just a baby.  He was born in January so when I write his autobiography later in life it shall be called “Born into Lock-down”. On top of this, I am self-employed, working as a content writer, so my time was limited. I really wanted to help, but I struggled. So, I began looking for ways to raise money for charity and came up with a “chapters for charity” idea.  Writing and selling a story and fundraising through book sales.

Documenting the pandemic

Thirdly, I saw the pandemic as history in the making.  Before it had even started to affect us here in the UK, I knew it would.  I remember sitting at breakfast and telling a friend, “this is going to affect us all in some way”.   Even then, I knew that this virus would shake the global community to its core.   I wanted to document it through my book “Unprecedented Times”.  And I wanted future generations to have something to read to bring them back to this life-changing event, to make them understand what it was like to live through it.


A Theme of Togetherness in Unprecedented Times

Just like I wanted future generations to understand what this pandemic is actually like to live through, I also wanted to make them see how the world came together against a mutual threat.  We see it in blockbuster movies all the time… there’s an alien invasion or a natural disaster threatening the world, and the world comes together.  We fight together to preserve our species.  Yet this sense of togetherness isn’t something we usually experience in real-life and that’s quite sad.  We’ve achieved so much by working together throughout this pandemic, we have saved lives simply through collaboration.  That is why this book has a general theme of the importance of togetherness.  The story shows examples of how well we have worked together, it highlights the benefits this has had and reinforces the idea that we are better together.


A Theme of Love in Unprecedented Times

Another theme throughout this book is love.  One of my thoughts throughout the pandemic was how amazing we as a species are.  I saw stories of people going out their way to help others, or to help entire communities.  And it just struck me how many completely wonderful and selfless people there are out there.  It reminded me that as a species, the thing we do best it love and that love, comes in so many different forms.  Romantic love is the most obvious one here, followed closely by family love, but then is also a love for the community, a love for helping others, love that comes with an old friendship, love that derives from mutual respect.  I could go on forever, but I won’t.  Inevitably love became a theme throughout this story because as corny and cheesy as it sounds, love really is everything.


This thread is for your comments on my debut novel “Unprecedented Times”, related to my aims for the book and the themes running throughout it.

I want to hear your thoughts.

Take care. x



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