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Welcome to my COVID-19 related blog.  Scroll down to see all my blogs related to COVID-19.

I welcome your comments on all my blogs, but I ask you be respectful, courteous and kind to others.  “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all!” As my mom always told me.  Any negative, disrespectful or rude comments will be deleted.

Please remember… I am NOT a scientist, or a medical professional, I don’t know what I’m talking about.  The information I give is from the research I have conducted and is referenced.  All opinions expressed are my own and as such, should be taken lightly.


COVID-19 Related Blogs:

COVID-19 variants and coronavirus mutations

Just as we thought we were getting a handle on COVID, it finds a new way to kick us in the balls.  That’s right, the virus has mutated.  And there isn’t just one coronavirus variant, in fact there are lots of COVID-19 mutations popping up around the world.  Great fun...

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Which country handled the Corona pandemic the best?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know which country has handled the Corona pandemic the best.  However, that doesn’t stop us from speculating and having an opinion, and my blogs are ALL about our opinions.  So, which country do you think handled the virus pandemic the...

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What is the COVID-19 vaccine and will you have it?

So, the COVID19 vaccine has finally been developed and approved for use.  And some people in the UK have already started receiving their COVID immunisation.  But will you?  What do you think about the COVID19 vaccination?  What do you actually know about the COVID...

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Living alone during the COVID pandemic: how to cope

The COVID pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, especially those living alone.  Loneliness during coronavirus is very real, and it can have a very real impact.  I struggle to understand this, I have three children… getting to pee by myself is a rare and joyous...

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COVID mental health and coping mechanisms

  This wasn’t a post I intended to write, not because I don’t think mental health is important, I do. But because I didn’t realise HOW much the COVID pandemic was impacting upon it. I didn’t realise how many people were suffering from COVID19 depression and/or...

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What have you missed most during lockdown?

  Stay home, save lives.  Simple instructions that are relatively easy to follow right? Wrong?  I hope I’m not alone when I say “boy did I underestimate how difficult lockdown was going to be”.  When the global lockdown began, I was an exclusive member of the...

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School closures: should we close schools in lockdown?

School closures are one of the biggest debates when lockdown is mentioned and it seems no one agrees.  Some people are desperate for schools to stay open and I do understand why.  While others, like me, are more receptive to school closures.  I personally believe we...

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The non-health impact of the COVID pandemic

I feel like I’ve started a few of my blog posts with “I’ve been lucky”, but the same is true here.  I have been lucky, because unlike many people I know COVID hasn’t really affected me.  Well, with the exception of being stuck in lock-down.  I work for myself, I am a...

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Easing of lock-down: too much/little, too soon/late?

You know, I’ve never been a lover of the government, I don’t believe any government is perfect.  But I really have felt for the ‘powers that be’ recently, because they cannot do right for doing wrong.  I said in my book, it’s like Brexit all over again, and it really...

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Living through the COVID19 pandemic as a high-risk person

The lock-downs and limitations brought on by the COVID19 pandemic have been really, really difficult for a lot of us.  Let’s face it, it hasn’t been an enjoyable time.  Yeah, we have all appreciated getting some extra time with our close family.  But after months of...

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Long-COVID: your experiences of long-coronavirus

From being a member of some COVID support groups, I have noticed that many people seem to be suffering from long-COVID symptoms.  These symptoms are lasting for weeks or even months.  Some people are suffering with long-COVID19 symptoms that are so severe they...

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Living with COVID: your coronavirus stories

So far, and touching wood (i.e. my head), I have been lucky, I haven't had COVID-19.  Or so I think.  How can I be sure when so many people are testing positive but aren’t displaying symptoms? There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense.  This is why I want to hear your...

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