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Welcome to the “Unprecedented Times” (UT) blog page.  Here I hope to spark some interesting conversations and learn just as much about you as you’ve learned about me throughout this website.  See my recent posts below, or click on each category in the header above to see more.

I welcome your comments on all my blogs, but I ask you be respectful, courteous and kind to others.  “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all!” As my mom always told me.  Any negative, disrespectful or rude comments will be deleted.

Please remember… I am NOT a scientist, or a medical professional, I don’t know what I’m talking about.  The information I give is from the research I have conducted and is referenced.  All opinions expressed are my own and as such, should be taken lightly.


(Read) Around the World in 80 Months!

I am attempting what I think might be the impossible  I am going to try to get my book read in every country around the world in 80 months (6.6 years) - or at the very least in every continent.  80 months might seem a long time (and if I were an established author it...

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COVID-19 variants and coronavirus mutations

Just as we thought we were getting a handle on COVID, it finds a new way to kick us in the balls.  That’s right, the virus has mutated.  And there isn’t just one coronavirus variant, in fact there are lots of COVID-19 mutations popping up around the world.  Great fun...

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Which country handled the Corona pandemic the best?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know which country has handled the Corona pandemic the best.  However, that doesn’t stop us from speculating and having an opinion, and my blogs are ALL about our opinions.  So, which country do you think handled the virus pandemic the...

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Unprecedented Times: Book Questions


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