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Two Sides

Duet (male part, female part)

Italics- both parts sang in unison 

RAP/HIP-HOP [couple argument/angry love song]

  • Style: Eminem meets?!? Tension to build throughout song until the break in the bridge, after that the song mellows out. [Consider having the male music part in a minor key and female part in its relative major, after the break in the bridge they both sing in the same key (major or minor)… would that work?]
  • Approx BPM: 130


    Spoken Intro

    You’re late, don’t say your cancelling again
    I’m sorry baby, something came…
    Keep your excuses, I’ve heard them all before


    Verse 1

    Why you gotta be like this, I do all this for you
    I work all the hours that god sends just to see us through
    D’ya think I like paying for a home I’m never in
    I do it for you, you still moan, I just can’t fucking win

    It’s not for me, it’s for you, you do it for success
    D’ya really think your bank balance makes me feel impressed
    So you’ve paid for a new car… whoop de fucking do
    That makes up for the fact that our kids barely know you

    A car you don’t mind driving, you fucking hypocrite
    Go on make me feel guilty, I couldn’t give a shit
    At least when I go to bed I know I’ve paid my way
    I know I work my ass off while you sit on yours all day

    Sit on my arse, fat chance, you leave everything to me
    I’m the chef, cleaner, chauffeur, I’m the general scivvy
    I work all day and night for a life we both created
    But nothing I ever do is appreciated



    Why bother
    Why bother
    You don’t care, you’re never here
    You don’t listen, you never hear

    Why care
    Why care
    You don’t value me
    You don’t value me


    Verse 2

    You used to make time for me, you used to show you care
    But since we had the kids it feels like you’re never there
    Just admit it, you’re bored and you’re pushing me away
    If it wasn’t for the kids I’m not sure you’d even stay

    I’m not sure I would either! What, I’m just keeping it real
    You don’t need or want me anymore, that’s how I feel
    You take it all on alone, you don’t want me to catch you
    And when we’re in the bedroom it’s like fucking a statue

    You hate me or you’re indifferent, you’re always annoyed
    The issues you have with me would baffle Sigmund Freud
    You literally ignore me, it’s like speaking to a rock
    That is, of course, until you want me to sit on your cock

    So I want sex with my woman, quick fucking arrest me
    You punished me already, you sexually repressed me
    At least you know your naked body still gets me hard
    I feel like the sight of me leaves you emotionally scarred



    Why bother
    Why bother
    You’re distant, you’re someone new.
    You’re cold, you’re not who I knew.

    Why care
    Why care
    You don’t want me
    You don’t want me



    I’m late back and you go beserk,
    But you don’t want me so let me work
    We’re arguing because I want you,
    Can’t you see it from my point of view?

    Well you must know I want you too,
    by the gifts I use to shower you
    Don’t buy me off, I want your time,
    I want to feel like you’re all mine.

    I am all yours, I live by that vow,
    Can you still say that about me now?
    Yes I can, the reason I withdraw,
    Is you don’t like me anymore!

    [Pause-tone change]

    It’s funny, I wanna say the same,
    But making you feel that wasn’t my aim.
    I’m sorry if you feel that way too,
    But that’s not how I feel about you.

    How d’ya feel,I dunno anymore,
    You’re not easy to read like before.
    You don’t really know me anymore,
    You don’t spend time with me like before.

    Because when I’m with you I worry,
    That somethings changed and you don’t love me.
    Everythings changed but one things still true,
    I’m still completely in love with you.

    That’s a relief because I adore you,
    If I had to, I’d go to war for you.
    And I’d battle with you, by your side,
    I’ll even give you a dragon to ride.



    I bother
    I bother
    We will fix this, we have to
    We will fix this, we have to

    I care
    I care
    I won’t lose you
    I won’t lose you


    Spoken Outro

    Fuck this shit, I’m coming home.
    No, I understand…
    I’ll be back soon, I love you.



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