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Our Outro

POP [love, break-up song] 

  • Style: Ballad-like, simple but beautiful and raw.  Think Eva Cassidy “songbird”.
  • Approx BPM: 82-87

Verse 1

Sometimes I’ll hear a song so great
It plays on a loop in my mind
Like when I met you and just knew
The person you were was my kind

Just for our ears our song began
With its own beat and melody
We didn’t know where it would go
Still, we enjoyed the harmony

Chorus 1

That was our intro
We sang it aloud as a duo
How did it sound? I still don’t know
But I know that it was, just us two
Our noise drowned everyone out but you

Verse 2

We sang together to our song
Verse, chorus, bridge, rinse and repeat
With gusto and dramatic flair
A swing in the hips, tiger feet

What that song meant to us changed with time
The drum fell out of beat with our hearts
The loop we’d sang in all those years
We feel break as the outro starts

Chorus 2

Now starts our outro
Marked with a change in the tempo
How it will sound, I don’t yet know
But I know that our songs nearly through
And I know, I’ll miss singing with you


Now our harmonies clash
And we sing out of time
The lyrics keep repeating
And we’re bored of the rhyme

The loop has now broken
And there’s nothing left to do
But embrace the outro
And sing goodbye to you

Chorus 3

This is our outro
The next time I sing this solo
How it will sound, I don’t yet know
But I know I must sing without you
And I know that the end is in view


Now ends our outro
Marking the start of my solo
How it will sound, I don’t yet know
But it’s time that I sang something new
This last line, and our song is now through




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