Lyrically Lame

I’ve mentioned a few times I have a complete lack of natural musical talent, but in case there’s any doubt, here are some of my lame attempts at lyric writing.  

It is perfectly acceptable to laugh as you read these, in fact, I encourage it. 


Song Lyrics

(or poems… who knows… I don’t)

Welcome to my song lyrics page

As with my music page, I apologise in advance.  I am playing fast and loose with the words ‘songs’ and ‘lyrics’ here.

I haven’t had any lessons in writing music, so I’m quite literally winging it.  And I think some of my lyrics are probably too long and wordy… they might work better as poems.

I know how these songs sound when I sing them in my head and I am working on putting music to these lyrics (no intentions to share the music yet).   So, at the start of each ‘song’ there’s a brief description to give you an idea as to how it should sound.


My favourite songs

IF (I’m not but if) I were going to pursue a career in music and IF I did ‘release’ any of my songs, the first song I would choose would be “Calliope”, it’s probably my favourite, or “Our Outro”, my big ballad and a song that I put so much of my heart into.

I’m opening up the ability to comment on the lyrics pages themselves.  As I said, I am new to music writing so any constructive feedback is welcomed, it’s how I’ll learn and improve.  Feel free to be completely honest.  But having said that, if you’re just gonna be disrespectiful or rude I’ll trash your comment and give you a virtual finger.

Song List:

1. Our Outro

POP [love, break-up song] 

I wrote this song in 2020 at one of the lowest times of my life.  Admitting to myself that my marriage was over was heartbreaking.  This song is about that time in a relationship when you know its over and as terrifying as it is, you know you have to see it through to the end.

In these lyrics, relationships are likened to a song that you love.  A song that you can sing on repeat and feel like you’ll never get bored of. But (over time) what the song means to you changes, in the same way that what a person means to you can change.  Instead of continuing to sing the song, you realise you have to  embrace the outro (i.e. end the relationship).

2. Mental Snapshots

POP [humble, appreciative, pensive – life-related]

The photographs that I have on display aren’t necessarily the images I cherish, they’re the pictures society expects to see.  When we went to Disneyland the picture I shared was a family pic infront of the Disney castle.  But the mental snapshot was the way my kids faces lit up when they saw Mickey for the first time and their excitement on the “it’s a small world” ride, despite having been on it twice already that day. 

The real images I cherish are the imperfect and insignificant moments that I share with the people I love. Moments that aren’t picture perfect and don’t warrant a photograph in a frame. Pictures that society doesn’t expect to see, but the images that mean the most to me. (oh that rhymed!)

3. Your League System

POP [dating song]

A song to vent my frustration. The league system drives me potty… mainly because it’s usually the guy that thinks “I’m out of his league” that I actually like. And if he thinks I’m out of his league then who the devil does he think I should be with?

And what gives the men the right to decide who is in my league? I like who I like, it’s as simple as that. 

4. Fine by Myself

Disclaimer: I’ve managed to rip-off two artists in this one song. Crikey! Before I share the music for this one (when I get round to recording it), I should probably check with Celine… she and I go WAY back (i.e. we’ve never met, spoken or interacted in any kind of way). 

POP [reverse break-up song

When I separated from my husband it would have been very easy for me to have that cliche Bridget Jones moment.  The crying into a glass of wine while catterwalling to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” moment. But deciding to separate wasn’t a decision I came too lightly or quickly, it took years to get to that point.  By the time the relationship was over, I had already grieved for so long that I felt all cried out.  So, instead of wallowing further, I played music and I let that music heal my heart. 

This song was designed to stick a middle finger up to the “All By Myself” cliche… I’m not all by myself, I am fine by myself. 


5. Two Sides

Explicit Content

RAP/HIP-HOP [couple argument/angry love song]

This is my first duet and first rap.  I wasn’t intending to write a rap, it started as a song but I couldn’t get it to work… then I realised it was always meant to be a rap, it has too much attitude to be anything but. 

The idea is that there are two sides to every story and if you refuse to see things from both perspectives you can’t ever really understand or sort out your problems. This rap is an argument between a couple, both of whom are in the right and both of whom are in the wrong. By being open about their feelings and listening to one another they start to understand each others viewpoint and realise they share the same fear, losing the other. 


6. OoD with Dating

POP with 40’s vibe [dating song]

OoD…Out of Date…

The thought of going back to dating after being with my ex-husband for 15 years is terrifying… what are the fecking rules of dating?

I never agreed with the dating rules anyway, so I made up my own…“do what feels right, when it feels right”.

In the trio version of this song (which is my favourite version) the woman is asking her friends questions about how to date and they give conflicting advice, leading to more confusion (just like in real life).


7. Captain Subtext

POP / HIP-HOP [pensive and offbeat]

As a stereotypical British person I am uber polite… a good example, a guy walked into me and I apologised to him?!! Politeness costs nothing they say, and they’re right manners are free, but there is a cost and that cost is being misunderstood.

By trying to be polite so we don’t offend people or be rude, we aren’t saying what we actually mean. Captain subtext is here to translate all our shite and speak the actual truth.

8. Chasing a Vision

POP [love song, dating song]

I’m 37 years old and a single mom of three, the personal ad practically writes itself doesn’t it? When I separated from my ex-husband I started to wonder if that was the end for me, if I’d ever date anyone ever again, I still wonder that in fact.

My friends and family tell me I’ll meet someone new, but I can’t help feeling like I’m chasing a vision, that the perfect man just doesn’t exist.  And even if he does, I wouldn’t know where to find him and it’s not like I have much to offer him anyway. So, is there any point looking for an illusion and wasting my time?

9. Calliope

POP [love song]

I think this is my favourite song.  This is about what I think a partner should be like for the person they love… what I would want to be like for someone who loved me. 

I love ancient Greek mythology, I designed one of my tattoos to embody Greek mythology and if I had the choice of being any ancient Greek character it would be Calliope, the chief muse and Goddess of Epic Poetry, music, dance and eloquence. 

10. Rainbow after the Storm

POP [pensive, life-related]

I don’t have to tell you how difficult life can be sometimes.  It can feel like you’re hiking through a terrential rainstorm… you feel wet and cold, miserable and lonely. 

But the storm will pass and following the storm will come a beautiful rainbow.  Be brave, you have everything you need to get yourself through the storm. 

11. Serendipity

POP [love song]

The definition of fate: “the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.”

The definition of destiny: “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.”

I don’t believe in fate or destiny, I don’t like thinking my future is mapped out for me, instead I believe in serendipity. A meeting of chance, when you’re not looking for someone, but you meet someone that completely changes your life.

12. Women Rise


This is my girl power song!

I was told “you can’t play the drums, you’re a girl”.  I was told “you can’t install that light switch, you’ll blow yourself up”.  I’ve been told “you can’t fix your boiler, call a plumber”… and you know what, I did ALL those things. Yes I am a woman and yes I have ovaries instead of a ball sack, but that does not make me less than my male counterparts.   

Women are every bit as equal, every bit as strong, and just as intelligent as men. We can do anything a man can do… and more!

We are women and we got the power!

13. Those That Matter


“Those that matter, don’t mind. Those that mind, don’t matter.”

You can’t please everyone in life. You can’t stop people from having an opinion, nor can you change their opinion. Let people say what they like because ultimately those that matter, the people who love you and who you love, they don’t mind what you do. And those that do mind what you do, the opinionated and judgemental people, those are the people who don’t matter.

Focus on the people that do matter and let everything else become white noise.

14. I’m Weird Too


It’s okay to be weird, to feel like you don’t fit it, to wonder where you do fit. What’s normal anyway? You’re in good company, I’m weird too. In a world where nothing is normal, aren’t we all weird?


Thank you for following my journey!

Lisa Thomas


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