Musically Me!

I have no musical talent, but I LOVE music, I LOVE playing and now I subject YOU to my noise. 

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Music Videos (please note, the word music is being used lightly here)

Welcome to the page where the word “music” loses all meaning.

I apologise in advance.



I haven’t had music lessons for decades, I’ve forgotten most of what I learned, I’ve picked up bad habits, I’m rusty. I’ve been self-learning guitar since just after Easter (2021), I’m probably doing all sorts wrong and I don’t even realise.

Therefore, I cannot be held responsible if you suffer from:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding from the ears
  • A sudden loss of a will to live
  • Temporary or permament insanity
  • An irrational fear of music in general
  • A sudden hatred towards yours truly

There will be no financial compensation for any of the above, however, I will sing soft kitty to you.


Oh yeah, and all rights reserved… fill in the blank… you know the drill.

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

All rights reserved by Warner Bros.  Written by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.  Produced by Rob Cavallo and Green Day.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (just drums)

Guess the song from the drum part only

Come Together

(barefoot drum-only Beatles Cover)

Play drums in flip-flops challenge!

Being Meg White!

Drum-only cover of Seven Nation Army, White Stripes.

I Try (Macy Grey)

Cue the catterwalling.

Que Sera Sera (Doris Day)

The first music video I ever uploaded (which means you’ve made it through all my music videos…. well done for surviving!)

Thank you for following my journey!

Lisa Thomas


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