Other Shenanigans

Question: What do I get up to when I’m not playing mom to the kids, content writing, or working on my books?

Answer: all manner of unrelated and irrelevant shenanigans!

My (totally unrelated and irrelevant) shenanigans include:


As a child I have 7 years of singing lessons, 5 years of piano lessons and 3 years of drum lessons. I wanted to write a song that people could relate too, that would make them happy. But performing made me anxious and doing anything in music seemed unrealistic. For years I stopped playing and for years I missed it. Then I decided to be brave and to embrace my love for music despite my lack of confidence and lack of natural musical skill (you can’t teach talent and I’ve forgotten SO much of what I learned… two decades ago!).  So I got myself a drum kit and a keyboard and just after Easter (2021) I started teaching myself to play guitar.

I’m never going to be a muscian, or a song writer, at least not a successful one. But I’m having so much fun embracing my musical side again and THAT’S what I wanted to achieve, personal glory. I’m writing lyrics and I am going to attempt to actually turn these into songs. It’s a learning curve, the songs might never come, but at least I’m trying now.

To push myself more out my comfort zone, I’ve started creating and sharing music videos (covers).

Watch my music videos.

GIF Making


I created one GIF on a whim, as a bit of fun… I did not expect these amazing results.

See my GIF page to read more about my GIF making journey, see some GIF examples and/or for a link to my GIPHY channel.

Other Charity


As you know, I’m donating 50% of all book sales to a COVID-19 charity.  See some of my other charity work here.

Bucket List


Everyone has a bucket list… even if they haven’t written it down, we all have things we want to do before our time is up. See some of the amazing things I have been fortunate to do.

Thank you for following my journey!

Lisa Thomas


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