During the COVID pandemic the front-line workers really stepped up to help others.  See my other blog on honouring our front-line workers.  But they weren’t the only ones.  Members of our community, without even being asked, all rose to the occasion, helping whoever they could, in whatever way they could.  I’ve heard some really heart-warming stories throughout the pandemic and through the honours section in my book and I would LOVE to hear more.

This is particularly heart-warming to me because these people weren’t asked, or told, to help, they chose to help.  People like healthcare workers and police, are expected to put themselves on the front-line.  They know this is expected of them when they take their job.  And thankfully we have people who are happy to assume those roles because boy have we relied on them these last few months.  But general members of the community aren’t expected to do anything like that, yet they still did. I find this amazing.


COVID Pandemic Volunteers

Did you know that during the COVID pandemic so far (at the time I write this at the end of October), the UK already has had 10 million volunteers.  Isn’t that number amazing!  And what’s even better is many of these people have said they intend to continue their volunteer work after the pandemic.  This is all according to new research from Legal and General, as mentioned in The Guardian.  These volunteers have been pulling together, working as a “volunteer army” to help with a range of jobs.  Things like grocery shopping, collecting prescriptions, helping at food banks and charity and even calling lonely people to provide them with emotional support.

From this research, one in five UK adults has volunteered help during the pandemic.  With each person volunteering approximately three hours, the economical value is more than £350 million each week.  And people haven’t just been helping other people, they’ve also been helping businesses.  Apparently more than one billion was spent on goods/services people knew they wouldn’t be able to use during the pandemic.  These include payments to gardeners and cleaners, for example.  I find it amazing that people have still continued to pay their gardener/cleaner so they don’t struggle financially.


The Known Volunteers

Every year the Queen releases two honours list and unsurprisingly, this year was filled with names of community members that had in some way contributed to society during the pandemic. You’ll know most of these names.  People like Joe Wicks, who encouraged our children to remain active during lock-down.  And who actually helped parents like me too.  By which I mean parents who don’t exercise (because we are lazy and like it) and only did some to try to lead by example for the kids.  And people like Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United footballer who forced the Government to change their decision on supplying free school meals.  Thanks to him, children from the poorest families, didn’t go hungry.


Your honours

By welcoming honours from the general public, I have been fortunate to hear some wonderful stories.  These have reminded me how amazing we are as a species.

The honours section in my book is still open.  I would still love to hear from you.  So, if you know anyone who has selflessly helped during the COVID pandemic, pllease leave a comment below.   If you’d like your honour to also be placed in the book, please mention this in the comment and/or, email me: honours@lisathomasauthor.com.

I’d love to honour this book to as many community members as possible.  Let’s remind future generations how much we can achieve when we look after each other.


As always, take care, stay safe… and please, keep looking after each other. x


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