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I have been very fortunate to have some media interest in my book, so I thought I would share these with you. (most recent to oldest)


Interview: Time To Feed My Reads

Time To Feed My Reads is a website that focuses on book reviews and author interviews.

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News Article: ShowBizGlow

ShowBizGlow is a news site reporting primarily on celebrity news, so you can imagine my surprised when they asked to feature me and my book on their website.


Article Feature: the Readers Magnet Author Lounge

Readers Magnet . club is a website designed to help authors gain more exposure and learn more about the industry. I was very proud when they contacted me on social media and asked me to feature in the Author Lounge section of their website.

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Featured as Book of the Week by Dr Ardain Isma

Dr Ardain Isma from CSMS magazine hosts an online “Book of the Week” video where he shows his selected books of the week.  In this episode he showed four books and selected “Unprecedented Times” as “the book that constitutes the main portion of the book pick of the week”

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YouTube Author Interview: CSMS Magazine

CSMS magazine interviews and promotes authors from around the world. It was an honour to be asked to join them for an author interview.

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Article Feature: David Perlmutter

David is a fantastic author with lots of amazing books under his belt.  Included in this are 4 real-life stories, a childrens book, 3 crime fiction novels and 8 book marketing books. In his blog, he prides himself on featuring new, up and coming books and authors… and this is where I feature.

Follow David Perlmutter on Twitter  @davepperlmutter

Guest Blog on GIF making and becoming a brand: The Romance Bloke

The GIFs I made had a big impact on Twitter, Robert saw these GIFs being used and thought it was a fantastic branding and marketing idea.  So he asked if I would create a guest blog to explain what started the GIF making journey, the process of GIF making and the results. 

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To see more about my GIF’s, see my other shenanigans page!

Interview: The Literary Juggernaut

A website dedicated to readers, they have interviews, reviews and sections on English Lessons, poetry and stories. This site also includes a lot of interesting and helpful links for budding authors.

Follow the Literary Juggernaut on Twitter @litjuggernaut

Article Feature: The Romance Bloke

Robert the Romance Bloke asked me to write a guest blog exploring the themes of love in my book, which of course, I was happy to do.  Robert’s website contains a lot of useful and interesting articles, so it was an honour to be asked to be included.

Follow The Romance Bloke on Twitter @TheRomanceBloke

Book Review Blog: Colin Ridyard

Colin Ridyard, writer of children’s stories and YA novels and author of the fantastic “Eddie the Elephant and the Birthday Party”, has a wonderful blog section where he reviews books he has personally read.  

“Unprecedented Times rightfully deserves a place as a classic of our times and will, I hope, show future generations how bad the pandemic was and, additionally, how horrible it might have been. This book is an absolute must read – go out and buy it!” 

Follow Colin on Twitter @RidyardColin

YouTube Interview: Boomers On Books

Special thanks to Vince Stevenson for this wonderful interview.

Boomers on Books is a video channel for emerging and established authors. The video interview is live-streamed on YouTube and available on-demand. Hosted by boomer Vince Stevenson.

Follow Boomers on Books on Twitter @boomersonbooks and @vincestev.

Radio Interview: Chat and Spin Radio

A 24-hour Internet Radio Station, both in the UK and internationally, providing local and national news and among other things, author interviews.  Follow @ChatandSpin on Twitter.

March 2021 Interview:

Article Feature: The Wordicle

The Wordicle is website that is focused on literature and the arts.  Their goal is to learn the story behind the story through their Author’s Leak page. 

Follow the Wordicle on Twitter @TheWordicle

Radio Interview: Chat and Spin Radio

A 24-hour Internet Radio Station, both in the UK and internationally, providing local and national news and among other things, author interviews.  Follow @ChatandSpin on Twitter.

January 2021 Interview:

Thank you for following my journey!

Lisa Thomas


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