Losing someone you love is hard, especially when they are taken from you suddenly and unexpectedly.  Like those we have lost to COVID.  I remember losing my nanny a few years ago, she was elderly but active, certainly not old.  She had some health problems, but nothing major.  We thought we had years left with her, but life had other plans. Not understanding why she was taken from us and not expecting to lose her so soon, made the loss feel so much greater.  I was confused and really angry, as well as devastated to my core.


Losing a loved one to COVID

I have been lucky so far and haven’t lost anyone to COVID.  But I know a lot of people have.  And like me with my nan, these people weren’t expecting to lose their loved one, it took them by surprise and it has made the grieving process all the more difficult.  Again, I was lucky, I lost my nanny years before lock-down so I was able to go to her funeral and wake, say my last goodbye, honour her memory.  But lock-down has made even this last act impossible to some.  Lock-down has meant a limit on people gathering and as a result, many of you haven’t even been able to attend a funeral for your lost friend or family member.  This has made grieving in lock-down so much more difficult and honestly, my heart breaks for you.


My Dedications Section

This is why I decided to include a dedications section in my debut novel “Unprecedented Times” to honour all of our loved ones lost to COVID.  I did, at first, consider writing something like… “to all that were lost to COVID…” but this just seemed far too impersonal and generic.  To me, the losses we have experienced because of COVID cannot be reduced to numbers.  Those we have lost cannot be grouped together as one entity, because every person lost was a unique and wonderful individual, and every person lost has left behind a broken-hearted family.

I have been collecting dedications from the public since earlier this year (approx. May 2020) and at the point of releasing my book on the 12th October, I had received one dedication.  Even though I’d only received one, it still made the hours of planning and advertising totally worth it.  As I am self-publishing I can add to my book, including this dedications section.  So, I am still accepting dedications and will be updating the book as and when these come through.  Anyone who has already downloaded the book will be able to re-download the updated version for free.


Tell me about someone you have lost to COVID

If you’d like to dedicate my book to someone you have lost to COVID please send a photo and your dedication to: dedications@lisathomasauthor.com.  Alternatively, leave a comment below.  Please state in your comment if you would like the dedication to be included in the book.

If you do not wish to include the dedication in my novel, but want to talk about your lost loved one, feel free to leave a comment below, no information will be shared or placed into my book without your expressed consent.

I personally respond to all dedications I receive.

If you are reading this because you have lost someone to COVID, please accept my sincere and heartfelt apologies, my warmest wishes are with you and your family during this very difficult time.  I cannot imagine how you are feeling, but please know you are not alone.

Take care, x



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