Unprecedented Times

A COVID-fiction story fundraising for a COVID charity

This fact-meets-fiction novel takes the pandemic in a very different direction to reality.  In reality, we can control the virus, limit our losses, work together to overcome it… but is there a situation where that might not be the case?

Unprecedented Times Book Cover

Book Description:

The world is changed.

The pandemic spread, the death toll rose and nations banded together to combat the biggest biological threat since the Black Plague. Now, a fragile balance holds further tragedy at bay.

In this alternate history, follow the spread of the virus through the eyes of four characters, as they desperately seek a path towards a better future. At the W.H.O, Clara, a would-be scientist and faithful assistant to Dr. Vicente (the Director-General) works tirelessly to alter humanity’s course. Meanwhile, Clara’s twin sister Rosa, along with her police officer fiancé Ben, fight to survive in a world far darker than it once was.

How far will people go to survive? Will we risk losing our humanity, for the sake of humanity? 

Either way, millions will die in these unprecedented times…

Set across two timelines, this covid-fiction, sci-fi-dystopian story contains elements of comedy and romance

Unprecedented Times is a fact-meets-fiction story that includes genuine references and statistics from the COVID-19 pandemic (all referenced). 

£2.00 of every book sale is donated to the “COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO”


Unprecedented Times Book Quotes:

Chapter 13

“Now they were using this very same principle, this law of nature. To plant seeds, which they hoped would help them to battle the biggest threat mankind has ever faced, nature itself.”

Chapter 14

“..she grimly wondered who would be forced to watch the other die. She couldn’t bear to see him take his last breath, or to suffer until he eventually couldn’t fight any more…”

Chapter 16

“The only certainties she had was that everybody in the entire world was going to be affected, somehow, by what was coming next.”


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