About Lisa Thomas

A self-employed content writer, a single mom of three (+ 2 cats), a talentless musician, a lyricist, a GIF maker… this is what you know about me from social media… want to know more? Read on.

My Story

My passions

As a child, my biggest hobbies were reading and writing, and playing music (singing-piano-drums), all of which allowed me to escape reality.  I had two childhood dreams, to become an author, to write a story people found relatable, emotional and enjoyable. And to write a song that made people happy.  But both felt like pipe-dreams, neither felt like a ‘sensible’ career path, and I had my own insecurities.  I haven’t ever been particularly confident. I’ve never had faith in my writing skills or musical abilities (and I am terrified of performing), so I never really tried to make either a reality.


Introducing Lisa Thomas Writing Services

Then, in 2011, I went on maternity leave with my first child and spotted an advert for a content writer.  I applied, completed the work and was asked to provide regular content writing.  As my maternity leave came to an end, my writing was really taking off. I had regular and returning clients, as well as new clients from recommendations.  So, I decided to make it official and established Lisa Thomas Writing Services (www.lisathomaswriting.co.uk)


Introducing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although I love my writing job, I still haven’t fulfilled either of my childhood dreams, still due to a lack of confidence. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began and I started witnessing inspirational people, putting themselves on the front-line and showing bravery I could only dream of having.  It put my fear of failure into perspective.  I’d already had a story idea and so I decided to write it up, even if only I saw it, it would still be an accomplishment.


Chapters for Charity

Throughout this entire pandemic I have wished I could do more to help.  Signing up for the government volunteer scheme was difficult for me, having underlying health conditions, 3 young children (including a new-born) and being self-employed.  So I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and write my story, with the view of publishing myself and donating 25% of book sales to charity.


Living the Dream!

I am now finally living my dream.  I’m writing my own story and I am truly loving it. While I’m extremely nervous about exposing myself up to ridicule and criticism, it feels so good to be doing something I have always dreamt of doing, but never had the courage to do. And I’ll hopefully raise money for charity too!


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney. 


Lisa Thomas


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