Unprecedented Times

Unprecedented Times is a Covid-fiction, sci-fi, dystopian novel.

Follow MY version of the pandemic in this alternative history.  See how far we’ll go in Unprecedented Times as we risk losing our humanity, for the sake of humanity.

AVAILABLE NOW! (Released: 12th October 2020)

“Unprecedented Times”

by Lisa Thomas

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A COVID-Fiction novel, fundraising for a COVID Charity

About the Book:

“Unprecedented Times” is Book one of a trilogy!

A science fiction-dystopian-drama with elements of romance and comedy… based on the real-life events of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This fact-meets-fiction novel looks at the events of the pandemic, but taking the story in a very different direction to reality.  In reality, we can control the virus, limit our losses, work together to overcome it… but is there a situation where that might not be the case? 

Follow MY version of the pandemic across two timelines, starting the book at both the beginning and the end of the story. Witness the events through the eyes of four characters.  Clara, a wannabe scientist working as an assistant at the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Her boss, Dr Vicente, the kind-hearted Director-General of the WHO.  Her twin sister, Rosa, a nurse and new mother.  And Rosa’s fiancé, Ben, a fun-loving police officer. 

How will the characters cope when the virus takes a very different turn in this story?  And just how far are the world leaders and are we willing to go when we are in truly unprecedented times?

Real facts and statistics have been used throughout this story. However, the story itself,   including all events and characters, are  fictional (unless referenced).    


50% of all sales of this book (£2.00 from each book sale) will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO.

See more about my fundraising and why I chose this charity here.


From the start, I wanted to dedicate this COVID book to the people lost to coronavirus.  Once I realised how difficult it has been for people to grieve I decided to dedicate this your lost loved ones.  And I started accepting your dedications.

Dedications for book one are closed, but I am now accepting dedications for book two.  I will include all dedications I receive.  If you would like to dedicate my next book to someone, email: dedications@lisathomasauthor.com.  



I want us to remember how fantastic we are and how much we helped one another.  I want to honour the people who deserve to be acknowledged for their time during the pandemic. 

If you know someone you think deserves to be recognised for their efforts, please send me a message.  All your honours will be included in a section in the next book.  

Send your honour to: honours@lisathomasauthor.com, or use my contact form.


Thank you in advance for your support and please stay safe!

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Special Thanks:

To Creatos Media, for the FREE help they have given me.  They created a detailed marketing strategy to enable me to raise awareness of this COVID book via social media.  Their help has been invaluable, thank you.

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About the author:

My name is Lisa Thomas, see more about me by clicking here.

I have self-published my first book, ‘Unprecedented Times’.  Through which I hope to raise money for charity, remember our lost loved ones through the dedications section and honour our wonderful front-line workers.   

Please download my COVID-fiction eBook or buy the paperback and help me raise money for a COVID charity.

Thank you and please stay safe.


Lisa Thomas

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All she knew with any certainty was that whatever it was, it had the potential to be big. Big enough to worry one of the world’s most brilliant scientific minds.

Chapter One

A barren wasteland, with very few plants and vegetation, and very little wildlife. If Rosa didn’t know better, she’d swear they were living on Mars. Ironic really, considering she felt like she was living on another planet.

Chapter Two

This was perhaps where our true weakness against the virus lay, not in our capabilities or knowledge, but in our ability to collaborate and work from the same page, to rise above past discrepancies for the good of the people.

Chapter Three

And why would anyone give the immense responsibility of leading a country or community, to someone who was clearly an innately selfish, “mine’s bigger than yours”, power-hungry individual?

Chapter Four


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