Unprecedented Times

An alternate history where a fragile balance holds tragedy at bay. In a world far darker than it once was, will we risk losing our humanity, for the sake of humanity? Either way, millions will die in these unprecedented times…

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You’re entering  into the world of…

Lisa Thomas,

Author of “Unprecedented Times”

(part one of a trilogy)

A COVID-Fiction novel

fundraising for a COVID Charity

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My Fundraising:

50% of all sales of this book (£2.00 from each book sale) will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO.

See more about my fundraising and why I chose this charity here.


From the start, I wanted to dedicate this COVID book to the people lost to coronavirus.  Once I realised how difficult it has been for people to grieve I decided to dedicate this your lost loved ones.  And I started accepting your dedications.

Dedications for book one are closed, but I am now accepting dedications for book two.  I will include all dedications I receive.  


I want us to remember how fantastic we are and how much we helped one another.  I want to honour the people who deserve to be acknowledged for their time during the pandemic. 

If you know someone you think deserves to be recognised for their efforts, please send me a message.  All your honours will be included in a section in the next book.  


Thank you in advance for your support and please stay safe!

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Quotes from “Unprecedented Times”:

About the Author:

My name is Lisa Thomas, see more about me by clicking here.

I have self-published my first book, ‘Unprecedented Times’.  Through which I hope to raise money for charity, remember our lost loved ones through the dedications section and honour our wonderful front-line workers.   

Please download my COVID-fiction eBook or buy the paperback and help me raise money for a COVID charity.

Thank you and please stay safe.


Lisa Thomas

Special Thanks:

To Creatos Media, for the FREE help they have given me.  They created a detailed marketing strategy to enable me to raise awareness of this COVID book via social media.  Their help has been invaluable, thank you.


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